Today the world is shrinking rapidly, forcing manufacturers to think globally.  Survival becomes increasingly difficult and it becomes more and more critical to find new ways to grow or sustain business.Of paramount importance is meeting the ever-shorter lead-time demands of customers in profitable manner. 

In fact, time demands will be the strategic focus for buyers and suppliers alike for at least the next decade.  Time is the yardstick by which we increasingly judge those we work with, particularly organizations providing manufacturing services.  

For manufacturers focusing on the three key areas of Timeliness, Quality and Cost Effectiveness. To survive and thrive,  it is only through Continuous Improvement programs tailored to the needs of the business to bridge the gaps between actuals and long term goals.

In year 2005, DCG has founded The Lean Center due to the serious shortage of trained professionals for the manufacturing industry.  Although the number of educational institutions teaching manufacturing-related classes has risen, many courses are offering outdated material which has not helped the industry to progress.  This is where the Lean Center comes in – to help the client to attain a truly waste-free manufacturing system Using simple language, innovative solutions and a proven hands-on technique to successfully make the leap to Lean.   The Lean Center specifically addresses the gaps and barriers that are holding back the apparel industry.  We focus on teaching managers and engineers how to do more with less using engineered manufacturing systems and daily waste clean-up activities.  Our specially designed learning environment includes realistic simulation exercises, real-life case studies and time for reflection in order to permanently absorb what’s been learned.  We engage students in a creative manner with an intensive and practical program which, once applied in the factory, will lead to significant improvement and performance gains. Our program covers the entire value stream process of the operations. 

Capacity Building

The Lean Center

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