DCG is a multi-disciplinary organization founded in 1994 to provide the worldwide of manufacturing and related services industry with hands-on strategic consultancy and innovative solutions that jointly maximize the profitability and human resources of the client firm.  

Our end goal is helping to create a Zero Waste Environment, a goal we are already working towards with our many satisfied customers. 

Our main focus is to keep you – our client – in the forefront of your field and to help you build tomorrow’s success through today’s innovation.

To replace yesterday’s factory management techniques with more efficient methods that greatly minimize delays, reduce costs and improve quality, bringing maximum value to customers.
To develop a holistic system that creates a culture in which everyone in the garment factory continuously improves both processes and production. 
To enable manufacturers and those in related service industries to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace ensuring them greater market share than their competitors.

DCG harnesses the resources of global strategic partners to provide a synergistic ‘state-of-the-art’ service.  

Current partners are found in three continents – North America, Asia and Africa.  For each industry client facing the demands of today’s marketplace, DCG will custom create comprehensive packages, covering Capacity Building, international marketing, business strategies, management, engineering, quality, tailored productivity and  training programs, materials handling and machinery, etc.

DCG possesses extensive and diversified experience in management, Lean Manufacturing, industrial engineering, and manufacturing and production management and industrial linkage.  Our experience is grounded on a solid academic foundation and further enhanced by nearly three decades in the industry with clients located throughout the manufacturing world. 

DCG works with dynamic, dedicated and highly motivated professional consultants who are all graduates in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing and Production Management, Marketing or Economic Research & Analysis. 

DCG consultants draw on a reservoir of knowledge and skill gained from hundreds of relevant and successfully met challenges.  We have developed a wealth of proven techniques and skills under actual operating conditions.  Any work undertaken at DCG is done right the first time.

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