A professional certification offers tangible benefits to both the individual and the organization

What is a certification? A certification is professional recognition issued by a respected, established professional organization and well recognized by the industry key-stakeholders. A certification is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated proficiency (Proficiency is evaluated through exams and assignment) within, and comprehension of, a specified knowledge related to the program’s subject and objectives.

The  Certification programs  are designed to suit the needs, most of the manufacturing industry.  The lecturer can provide focused-support and assistance covering the following sectors :

  • Services Industry
  • Apparel (garments) Manufacturers
  • Textile Manufacturers
  • Home Textile Manufacturers
  • Home Utilities Industry

  • Soft-Products Manufacturers
  • Footwear Manufacturers
  • Spices and Coffee Industry
  •  Beverage and Food Industry
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry

Available Certification Programs : 

Lean Certification based on World-Class Standards

TLC Certification Program is the results of three-decades (since 1991) experience through proven results and aimed to provide continuous improvement practitioners and thinkers with best approach and techniques. The Lean Certification is based on the standards of the three leading non-profit organizations that collectively set the standard for operational excellence.

  • American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)
  • Shingo Institute

Applied Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Techniques  

In the era of continuous improvement, and consistent problem solving, the industry it requires more techniques to maintain and go beyond manufacturing standards to improvise and innovate with the business change. The students will learn the most appropriate methods to apply some of the adavnced techniques and tools to optimize the manufacturing resources (people, equipment, space and materials) to attain a truly waste-free and to maintain continuous flow using simple language, innovative solutions and a proven hands-on technique leading to successfully consistent organozational performance and cost savings.

Modern Operations Management & Control 

for the CEO, COO, GM and Production Management Staffs    

Lean Manufacturing continues to shape the future and influences all key-elements of the Operations Management and control, style and concept. For the industry to maintain competitive edge, manufacturing systems have always adjusted to the need of the business by improvising and innovating, but to sustain, it requires an adjustment to the operations Management and control. Unfortunately, operations management has never evolved with the manufacturing change and also implementation of the lean management was always not very successful because of the inseparable principles of this philosophy. This program aims to provide the appropriate knowledge and techniques to senior managers in order to adjust, evolve and lead more effectively. the interrelation of lean manufacturing and lean management make processes more efficient and sustained. It's the new era in modern operations management. Modern management is the main critical key-success to sustained profitability. 

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