Workshops & Seminars

Most organizational improvement projects fail due to the lack of understanding of the Critical Success Factors behind improvement.  TLC offers one-stop knowledge center for a successful learning to bridge the knowledge Gap with a wide range of training programs  and books and tools specifically geared to Manufacturing and Services Excellence. The below-listed workshops can be brought to your facility and tailored to your needs. 

Modern Operations Management & Control

 2-day Certification - MN5008

Cost Management in the new Manufacturing age 

 1-day Seminar - MN1012

Motions and Time Measurements (MTM-I & II) 

5-day Certification - ME1010

Applying 5S "Workplace Organization" in Manufacturing

2 day Workshop - LM3001

Applying 5S "Workplace Organization" in the back Office

1-day Seminar - LM3002 

Applying 5S in Hospitality and Retailing Sector 

2-day Workshop - LM3003

Strategic Steps to a Successful  Lean Transformation 

1-day Seminar - LM1004

Accelerated Product Development in Lean Enviornment       

2-day Workshop - LM2001

Problem Solving Techniques via PDCA

2-day Workshop - LM3006

Applying Balancing Techniques through Simulation

1-day Seminar - LM1006

Conducting Kaizen Events Effectively 

2-day Workshop -  LM3007

Pull Planning of Mixed Model Values  

1-day Seminar - LM3010

Designing Engineering Functions to Respond to Business Growth  

2-day Workshop - ME1006

Supermarket and Kanban Simulator for the Lean Factory 

1-day Seminar - LM3004 

Developing and Linking Visual Control System to Strategic Goals  

2-day Workshop  - LM3001

Development of Performance Policy in line with core objectives 

2-day Workshop - LM3008 

Guide to Standardized Work and Work Combination 

1-day Seminar - LM3005

Certified Lean Process Engineer           

8-day Certification - LM4002

Macro Facility Planning Layout            

2-day Workshop - ME1002

Building Team Spirit & Coaching Team Skills 

1-day Seminar - MN1001

Designing Long term Strategy to increase profitability

2-day Workshop - MN1003 

Shaping KPIs and Performance Drivers to Business Needs

2-day Workshop - MN1004 

Lead the performance for the GM of the factory 

1-day Seminar - MN1007 

Act as COO leading the manufacturing Resources Effectively 

1-day Seminar - MN1006

Mapping, Simplifying and Unifying Management Systems 

2-day Workshop - MN1008 

Developing and Deploying Performance Policy 

1-day Seminar - MN1011 

Cost Management in World Class Organization 

1-day Seminar - MN1012 

Project Management - Planning - Organizing - Coaching and Adjusting   

3-day Workshop - MN1010 

Advanced Work Study Program for staffs with basic Work-stuies knowledge 

3-day Workshop - ME1007

Establishing Pre-determined Elemental Minutes Values

3-day Workshop - ME003 

Basic of Work-study Program for beginners 

4-day Workshop - ME1006

Effective Development Program of Sewing Operators 

3-day Workshop - TA1001 

Establishing Standards Minutes Values for Cutting activities 

1-day Seminar - ME1004

Aligning line people functions to Performance Needs

3-day Workshop - TA1002 

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